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"Winning is Automatic with A-1"

A-1 Performance Trans and Converters is the leading manufacturer of automatic transmissions and torque converters for high-performance racing and street use. Every unit is custom made to your specification and application. Our passion is working with racers across the globe to develop the fastest and most reliable components.

A-1 Transmissions and Converters

Tech Tip of the month:

"Master the art of burn-outs"
Doing burn-outs correctly is very important in terms of performance and engine/transmission/drive train reliability. Most top competitors have mastered the burn-outs that effectively heat the tires for maximum traction without punishing their cars.
  • Do not prolong the burn-out to where the engine is allowed to be "pulled down" when the tires recover and gain traction.
  • Do not make a short, smoky burn-out leaving a film of water on the tires followed by a hard, dry burn-out.
  • Do not perform a non-smoking spin through the water followed by hard dry burn-outs.
  • Do a moderately wet burn-out just long enough to heat the tires and burn off any water.
  • Back off the throttle before the tires recover.
  • Leave the burn-out box in high gear.

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